Version 1.1.2

 Now that you have caught Paddy the Leprechaun, can you get his gold?  Flick him at
the pot of gold, land him in and you will win!  Paddy will take you around Ireland where
he has his pots of gold hidden. How much of his gold can you get?

CAUTION: Leprechauns can be tricky, so he might make it hard for you to win. Don't
be alarmed when he tells you what he thinks about how you are playing the game!

Download this fun, eye-popping app and enjoy:

  • 7 levels and different locations around Ireland!
  • Bonus round so you get more gold!
  • Hidden secret level.  Only the best will find it!
Available on the iPhone

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 4.0 or later.




That looks hard! But wait till you see what's on the top of the cliff.

New surprises await you as you travel with Paddy through the lush meadows.

The ole castle presents new challenges. Will you pass the test?

This is very entertaining I find myself picking it up constantly!

- Katie Age 15

I love this game. It's great great fun getting the leprechaun to fly.

- Sam Age 8

This makes me laugh at what the leprechaun says. I 'miss' sometimes just to hear what he says.

- Cian Age 12

Love it, love it, love it!

- Stephen Age 18

I am so glad I ran across this app. It really is a lot of fun to play and it is highly contagious, LOL. It's easy to learn how to play and it just keeps you entertained. It's been a while since I have downloaded a game I have enjoyed this much. Try it out!

- Benjamin Perez

Me and my kids have had so much fun playing with this app! Definitely a kid friendly app.

- Spitfiregsd

Super fun game for all ages. If you are looking for a fun game to play in your device then get this game! One of the best games out right now. Download it now!

- Cluelessboy1
Who is this game for?

It’s for 7-16 year olds and the adult who plays games.  Leapin Leprechaun will surprise, excite and delight you regardless
of age.

Do you have a free version?

Yes. Our lite version is available for iPad and features 3 levels of play.

You may uprade anytime to the full version (and enjoy 4 additional levels including 2 bonus levels) from within the app or by visiting this page and clicking the Download It Now button to download from iTunes. 

What do you do in this game?

The goal of the game is to win gold. There is a limitless amount of gold that you can win. However, you get 7 coins for every pot you land in and you can get 10 times that amount on the bonus levels.  Oh yeah... it will 'bug you' to want to get to the next level as well.

Is there an ending to this game?

Yes, you will know when the game ends when you get the leprechauns to do a dance.

The Story Behind Paddy, the Leapin Leprechaun

 The year Paddy was born is unknown, we do know he was born on the 17th of march, long before St Patrick banished the snakes from Ireland. He has many brothers and sisters and his leprechaun clan is one of the few to have survived in Ireland. you see leprechauns magic is kept in their gold and the evil banshees are always out to get it. Paddy lives with his clan in a village that is hidden to all, but for a special few who get an invite to the village.

Legend has it that once you catch a leprechaun he has to give you his gold, but he will not make it easy for you to get it. Leprechauns are in tune with nature and can turn rocks into pots of gold. they also can call on Mother Natures' help to stop people for getting their gold. Leprechauns do not have much to do with the "fear Mor" or the Big Man, which is what the call people like you and me. However they do have a long history of trust built up with the McCarthy clan who are the keepers of the secret.

Leprechauns have often stayed in the gardens of the McCarthy clan when they are on their travels around Ireland. As they know they will be kept safe and will also enjoy the "craig" (fun). The leprechauns love to sing and dance and have been known to have to odd drop of the pure stuff. This trust has been repaid to the McCarthy clan by the leprechauns, as the McCarthys always have the luck of Irish, which is endowed by the leprechauns.

Paddy is a happy go luckily leprechaun and friendler than most leprechauns. He has come into the 21st century, its even said that he may have an iPhone himself. leprechaun magic is powerful and good. They love to spread joy and fun, no matter where they go.

The only thing they ever upsets Paddy, is 17th March. Sure he believes it's named after him and not that tourist that visited. He also says that it was himself that banished the snakes out of Ireland. Because they used to attack other leprechaun clans, so he used his Rainbow magic and sent them to a foreign land.

If you ever want to see where leprechaun has been recently, just have a look for the shamrock. Its the sign they leave behind for each other, so they always find their way home.

The Mobile Team

  • Mobile Magnus

    Division of Catapult Corp.
  • William McCarthy

    Lead Designer
  • Matthew David

    Marketing Architect

App Screenshots

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Version 1.1.2

May 4, 2012
  • More levels added with more difficulty (for total of 7 levels)!
  • Additional Bonus level added!
  • Hidden level added. Reach Paddy's hidden village & the leprechauns have a special treat in store for you!

Version 1.1.1

April 2012
  • Improved 'Level 3' play.
  • Wind added and more pots of gold to get!
  • Added golden sheep in bonus level
  • Repeating Voice Bug Fixed.

Version 1.0

March 2012
  • Features 3 levels of play.
  • Includes bonus level where you have to beat the clock.

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